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Five     2015    (released 1/1/17)

with help from Mike Wilson (recorders and saxophones), Aisuke Matsutoya (violin and banjo), Ben Walker (mandolin), Laura Victoria (cello), John Fogarty (lap steel), Ian Clayton (piano) and Satu Taggart (gongs).

recorded at Montesa Audio, Valencia, Spain, at Unit 2 Studios in London, and at various other locations..

engineered by Ian Clayton (Montesa)

and by Adie Hardy (Unit 2)

Mark Harrison  is one of my favourite performers on the London circuit, and we have done many memorable gigs together. He writes:


The other week I had Panama Dave Parrett on the bill at my regular night at the Green Note. For those who don't know, he's an instrumental guitarist of great taste and skill. He gave me his new album Five that night. I've been listening to it everywhere I go and it's my opinion that anyone with any taste in music should get it.

Quite frankly, it's an absolute stone masterpiece. It's got every shade and every tone of folksy/bluesy/ roots/jazzy music, it fits every mood. It has a fantastic and well-chosen array of instruments, brilliantly played, including some stunning sax playing, mandolin, recorders and cello, along with Dave's great playing of his own compositions. For me there are echoes of Jansch/Renbourn/Pentangle here and there, and even a smattering of the great Moondog. The production is top class and the whole thing is a delight.


Get it now.

Track list:
Insignificant Other
High Five
Hand On Heart
Farmer's Trust
Almost Clever
Cedar Court
Angel's Blues
In My Dreams
Consolacion     2012

solo album

recorded at Montesa Audio, Valencia, Spain

engineered by Ian Clayton

Track list:
Purple Star
Hello To The Queen
Over My Head
Where Are You Now?
Six Bar Blues
Barking Mad
Love Your Neighbor
Panama     2009

solo album

recorded 'at home' in London

engineered by Steve Dagleish

Track list:
One For Annie
Lost In Translation
Loose Ends
High Hopes
Home Sweet Home
Thinking Of You
Mother & Son
Last Call
Once In A Blue Moon     1987

with John LoGiudici

with help from Allen Carlson (bass), John Lefler (drums),

Pete Cornell (sax), Bill Petitte (sax), Mark Darnell (piano)

and Mike Marshall (violin)

recorded at Mobius, San Francisco,CA

engineered by Oliver DiCicco

Track list:
Feast Or Famine
Over My Head
Dream Peace
Last Call
The Rag
Half Circle
Cedar Court
High Hopes​     1985

with John LoGiudici

with help from Dave Pangaro (bass), Bill Petitte (sax),

George Marsh (percussion) and Jane Spence (tabla)

recorded at Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA

engineered by Richard Rose


Track list:
Six O'Clock Blues
Blue Buddha
High Hopes
Left On Red
Open Eyes
Feather Falls
All Day
Somewhere Off The Coast
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